Custom Software Services and Resources for QBI, The University of Queensland

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Welcome to the QBI Software Site

A recent addition to QBI services is the capability to develop and manage custom software applications, macros, plugins, scripts or just provide assistance and advice on software matters for all staff and students at QBI free of charge.



Custom software applications can be developed for QBI research teams to assist with analysis or data management. Examples so far include applications in Matlab, Python and Django, as well as NEURON models.

Scripts, Macros and Plugins

Data and image analysis often requires several steps in preparing the data or image, extraction of features and finally, production of output data for further analysis. I can provide custom development or just assistance with plugins, macros or scripts, in Fiji/ImageJ or Matlab or Excel sheet data in Python or R.


Introductory training courses are available covering basic computing skills such as using the Unix shell as well as user-friendly training for Python and R. Some developer guidelines are here Requests for training in specific languages or technologies are welcome.

Support or Contact

Useful code can be kept in versioned repositories on the public QBI-Software github repository so others may benefit. If you have a good script or code package you’d like to share please contact me below to be added as a contributor. Code access is available to all via the “Download” buttons available within each project. For further information, please contact Liz Cooper-Williams, Research Software Developer, QBI, e.cooperwilliams@uq.edu.au.